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About Us

NextLeap IPO Ventures Sdn Bhd


“A well-executed IPO is universally recognized as one of the crowning achievements in a company’s existence”

We focus on only 1 thing – advising your company to achieve a well-executed IPO.

IPO’s are always challenging, complex and intense.

Through our advise, project management and execution we become a critical partner to the company throughout the IPO process, helping accomplish a successful and timely offering.

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ipo  IPO

Most fast-growing and ambitious companies aspire to achieve a successful IPO. We work with clients who target to complete an IPO in the next 12 – 24 months.

We have advised on IPO’s in the following markets:-

  • HKEX – GEM
  • SGX – Catalist
  • Bursa Malaysia – ACE Market & Main Market
  • ASX – Alternative Investment Market
  • LSE – Alternative Investment Market
  • OTC – US Over the Counter Markets

Most of our clients are from Malaysia, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Our IPO services include:-

  1. IPO Readiness assessment from an independent viewpoint.
  2. What are the “Road-blocks” which needs to be addressed.
  3. Share IPO best practices, strategies, trends and statistics.
  4. Assisting to develop the “IPO Strategy” and “IPO Roadmap”.
  5. Assistance with IPO project management.
  6. Best practices in regards to identifying, registration and commercialization of Intellectual Property assets.
  7. Identifying legal issues and opportunities. Legal disputes, clean-ups, rectifications, dealing with outstanding debts/shareholder advances.
  8. Aligning key parties to the IPO. Employee Share Schemes, shares to strategic partners, shares as incentive.
  9. Advising on service contracts for key persons.
  10. Assisting in tax planning.
  11. If the IPO Strategy includes an M&A exercise, to assist in identify targets, help negotiate with targets, structure acquisition transaction and advise on Shareholders Agreement, Sale & Purchase Agreement etc.
  12. If the IPO strategy includes a Pre-IPO fundraising round:-
    • To define the strategy to attract pre-IPO investors
      1. Pre-IPO Financial Investors (no moratorium)
      2. Cornerstone investors
    • Assist to prepare Pre-IPO Investment Presentation
    • Prepare Pre-IPO Term Sheet
    • Decide on structure (Preference shares – what discount to IPO price, conversion ratio, etc.) If the IPO strategy includes a Pre-IPO Investment round.
  13. To assist in identifying and recommending investment banks, reporting accountants, legal due diligence solicitors etc., to complete the IPO. To work alongside these parties to maintain the IPO timetable.
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