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We prepare companies with strong potential for an IPO in approximately 12 months, at the right valuation!

We are able to assist your company to complete its IPO in the following markets:

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Our 15 Step Process – “NextLeap IPO has developed a proprietary 15 Step Process to complete an IPO at an attractive valuation”

NextLeap IPO consists of highly experienced investment bankers and IPO lawyers. We have deviced a 15 Step Process which will assist companies complete an IPO at an attractive valuation.

Step 1 – Is the company ready?

Is the company ready to complete an IPO in the next 12 months?

We have an internal checklist which helps assess a companies readiness to complete an IPO in the target exchange. We focus on US OTC, Bursa Malaysia, HKEX, SGX, ASX and AIM.

Step 2 – The IPO strategy – Ready, Set, Aim

What is the correct IPO strategy for the company?

We will work with the senior management and other stakeholders to create and define the IPO strategy (target fundraise, compliance steps, pre-IPO fundraising etc.)

We will produce a Gantt chart as a project management tool, to enable all parties to stay focused on the deliverables, and follow the IPO timetable.

Step 3 – Let’s increase the valuation!

How to increase the valuation of the company at the IPO.

  • Any new pre-IPO initiatives?
  • Any acquisition of technology?
  • Any sale of technology / roll-out of business in new markets?
  • Any acquisition of companies / businesses by issuance of pre-IPO shares?

Step 4 – Intellectual Property

To carry out an intellectual property audit of the IP assets of the company?

  • Does the company need to register trademarks, patents, copyrights etc.
  • In which markets?

Step 5 – Monetize IP’s

Should the company enter into any agreements to commercialize / leverage / monetize its IP’s?

Step 6 – Stakeholder Alignment

How to align key stakeholders in the company to the IPO process.

  • Employee share option schemes.
  • Shares as incentives.
  • Share options as incentives.

Step 7 – Are we buying anything?

If the IPO Strategy includes an M&A exercise, to help negotiate with targets, to assist to structure acquisition transaction and advise on Shareholders Agreement, Sale & Purchase Agreement etc.

Step 8 – What Legal Issues?

Are there any major legal roadblocks?

  • If so, what are the proposed rectifications strategies?

Step 9 – What Accounting Issues?

Are there any major accounting issues?

  • If so, to discuss with internal auditors and Reporting Accounts on the proposed solutions.

Step 10 – Shareholder Advances

Are there outstanding shareholder advances?

  • If so, proposal on how to clean this up.

Step 11 – Pre-IPO financing

Does the company require pre-IPO financing?

  • Important consideration
  • If so, advise and draft Term Sheet for preference shareholders. Draft agreements for preference shareholders.
  • Assist in pre-IPO investor presentation

Step 12 – Let’s bring the whole team in – Investment Bank + Reporting Account + Legal DD

To assist in recommending investment bank, Reporting Accountant, lawyer for legal due diligence etc.

  • To assist in transaction lead by the investment banks from here on.

Step 13 – Service Contracts

Advising on and drafting of service contracts for key persons.

Step 14 – Shareholders Agreements

Advising on and drafting shareholders agreements and other relevant legal documents.

Step 15 – Let’s wrap up the IPO!

To work with the senior management of the company, and assist the investment bank to draft the prospectus and complete the IPO. The investment bank will take the lead in the fundraising.

Note:   If the company’s business model is strong and we executed Step 1 to 15 well – the objective is for the IPO to be oversubscribed


  1. Monthly retainer
  2. Shares (because we take our fees in shares – 70% of our fees are actually paid after completion of IPO)