Dato’ George Miranda

Non-Executive Director

Dato’ George Miranda is recognized for his ability and experience to assist companies to carry out IPO’s. He is the co-creator of NextLeap’s proprietary “15 Step Process to Complete an IPO at an Attractive Valuation“.

His experience spans the entire 15 Step Process – including IPO strategy, valuation, IP, stakeholder alignment, mergers & acquisition, legal and accounting issues in IPO’s, pre-IPO financing, IPO positioning.

He has authored two (2) books on IPO’s, including “A Guide to an Initial Public Offering on Hong Kong’s GEM”.

Dato’ George Miranda is the Managing Partner of Miranda & Samuel, a Kuala Lumpur based law firm, with a network of international law firms. He graduated with a LL.M (University of London) and an LL.B (University of London). He is an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales.